Wave Goodbye to Drinking Promotions

Britain has become known in recent years for it’s binge drinking culture. Both men and women take advantage of cheap drink promotions such as ‘All you can drink for £10’, with some clubs even offering for women to drink for free! Although these promotions are hugely popular with all punters, the Government is worried that they contribute to the nation’s binge drinking problem.

Problems caused by those as drunk as a skunk unfortunately go further than the slurring of words. It can result in bar fights, the vandalism of property, unwanted pregnancies and long term health problems. These are some of the things that the Government hopes to prevent by reducing binge drinking, but many who drink responsibly are angry that they are being penalised for the bad behaviour of others.

Home Secretary Alan Johnson has confirmed today that from April this year, a new law will be introduced to ban pubs, bars and clubs from offering this style of ‘irresponsible’ drink promotions and drinking competitions. The intention is not to affect the drinks industry, but to clamp down on establishments who are not dealing with punters responsibly and are encouraging binge drinking. Crime related to alcohol costs Britain billions of pounds every year, and the new measures are being introduced to combat this.

Under the new laws, pub landlords will have to ask their customers to provide identification which proves that they are above 18 years of age; under age drinking is still happening in the UK. Water will be more easily available so that drinkers can pace themselves; at the moment some clubs charge up to £3.00 for a bottle of water. There will also be a ban on “dentist chairs” in pubs; at these events, alcohol is poured directly into the customer’s mouth in large quantities.

One relief is that they are not putting an end to “happy hour” when drinks are served at a reduced price; this would be a sad day indeed. Supermarkets are also free to sell alcohol cheaply, often with bulk buy offers.

Drinking alcohol can be a very pleasant activity when done responsibly; Moorgate escorts love nothing more than enjoying a glass of man when out on a date, but if their man falls on his face because he’s so drunk, it’s a bit less appealing! Alternate between soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, and you should find it much easier to control yourself.