Welcoming the East London Line

Residents of East London are delighted at the opening of the overground train line, taking the place of other train and tube lines that had been abandoned. It is the first significant new line to open for over 10 years, and will hopefully make travelling much easier for our East London escorts!

The East London Line runs from Dalston Junction to New Cross Gate, going underneath the Brunel tunnel. It cost £1 billion to construct, but it will hopefully help around 100,000 of those who had previously had to use bus and underground routes that were heavily congested. At the moment, a “preview service” is running, which will see 8 trains per hour from Monday to Friday, 7am until 8pm. A full service will begin on 23rd May, introducing trains at evenings and weekends and increasing the frequency to 12 trains per hour.

London’s mayor Boris Johnson officially opened the new route today before a large group of media; he believes that it will create more jobs and opportunities for those who live along the line. It holds major importance because it runs through major zone 1 stations such as Whitechapel and Shoreditch High Street. It will also cover some of the poorer areas in South London that did not have very good access to transport links before.

This is just the first phase of the highly anticipated new East London line, which is due to extend even further. You will be able to use your Oyster card to pay for your journeys just as you can on the London Underground and bus network. It is generally agreed that this has been a good investment, benefiting the city of London as a whole. It is certainly money better spent than on useless landmarks such as the Millenium Dome, which has now been turned into the O2 Arena.

Our East End escorts are delighted with this developments. Thousands of people will be travelling into the city from all over the world to either watch or participate in the games; we are confident that not only will this create many more jobs in the area leading up to the event, but it will also boost tourism and make London an even more prominent city than it is now, recognised across the globe.