Who Will Lead Our Parliament?

The votes are in and the uncertainty of the British government is to be decided in the next few days. With no single party securing the 326 votes needed to ensure their position in power, the resulting verdict is a hung parliament. This means that whichever party ends up in power will not be able to pass laws without the other parties concluding to an overall agreement. With Conservatives gaining the most seats with 305, gaining 100 more than last year, compared to Labours’ 258 seats and a gain of just 3 seats. As for the Liberal Democrats, the predicted election underdogs, the Conservatives and Labour look set to battle for their coalition. Gordon Brown tried to entice the Lib Dems by offering a referendum on electoral reform, but has so far been unsuccessful.

Despite Gordon Browns initial plan to resign if the Conservatives gained the most votes, he has now had a sudden change of heart despite his apparent unpopularity. ‘Why’ you may ask? well the apparent pay packet and title of prime minister may be something he wishes to hang on to as well as the ever fragile male ego, perhaps he wishes to win back the trust of the public once more.

The Liberal Democrats are now in their third day of negotiations with the Conservative party, and leader Nick Clegg is asking the public to bear with them. Everyone in the Government is working hard to come up with a solution; a hung parliament could lead to a messy situation if there are too many disagreements amongst politicians. This is why it is important for some kind of deal to be made. It is hoped that a decision will be made today, as if this process is dragged out for too long it could have a negative effect on stocks and shares.

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