Attacks in Baghdad Leave Over 75 Dead

A series of truck bombs and attacks have taken place today in central Baghdad. Over 300 people have been left wounded from the incident and the ministry has reported that official buildings were rocked.

American forces withdrew from street patrols at the end of June, and combined, these were the most decestating attacks that have occured since.

The explosions left great black plumes of smoke across the city, with one of the attacks dangerously close to the Green Zone security area which is heavily fortified. Police and army units jumped into action, quicly closing both bridges across the Tigris river.

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry was said to be a scene of total carnage. An army officer at the scene described how a vehicle crashed into the wall, detonating a truck bomb. The explosion caused the wall to collapse, and set surrounding cars on fire as it trapped their occupants. First hand accounts describe the sight of a person set ablaze, whilst another 12 were piled into a truck to be taken away. Ministry workers were left trapped inside the building after the wall shattered from the explosion.

Some Iraqi’s are angry at the Americans, blaming the state of their country on the American’s invasion in 2003. They could be heard damning Bush and the Americans. Some horrific injuries and fatalities have been witnessed, such as a four month old child being crushed to death under a collapsed building and a woman being slashed by a ceiling fan.

The explosions started around 11am this morning. No group has immediately taken responsibility for these attacks. Even for a country that is used to attacks and suicide bombers, this was a large scale incident that rocked Baghdad.

We have been fortunate that terrorist attacks are so infrequent in the UK. London escorts can live in safety, however there are many countries in the middle east that have not been so lucky.