Berlusconi’s £70,000 Escort Obsession

It was revealed today, that Silvio Berlusconi, Italian President and proud lover of escorts, has spent around £70,000 in nine months, in a bid to fulfil his insatiable need for women. Famous for a string of beautiful ladies, kinky sex parties and high class escorts, this powerful Italian certainly knows how to enjoy himself! The President was recently caught bragging about bedding eight women in one night – so it is not really surprising that his behaviour sends shock waves through some, and envy through others! Berlusconi even arranged his very own ‘escort fixer’, who would book the desired girl to meet him in a given location. It recently emerged that a number of classy British escorts were arranged to be flown to some of his many parties, held in a variety of top European destinations. Beside payment for his ‘fixer’ and flights for the escorts, he also arrange chauffeur driven cars for the ladies and booked them into 5 star hotels. Each escort received in excess of £4000, and the 74 year old showered the 24/7 escorts with both cash and jewellery. Television presenter and glamour model, Carolina Marconi was amongst the girls flown out especially to meet the President. The Latina stunner, who is the ex girlfriend of Brazilian footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, was said to be ‘delighted’ with the invite, and reportedly enjoyed spending time with Berlusconi. With many private manuscripts now being examined, police say that is unclear whether all of the women attending the sex parties were escorts. Around 7500 pages of documents are currently being analysed, which contain over 100,000 wiretaps between Berlusconi and his escort ‘fixer’ Tarantini. The sex scandal allegations come as no surprise to the public, as the President is notorious for his wild behaviour and is currently on trial for paying to have sex with a 17 year old pole dancer. He also faces charges of abuses of power, bribery and fraud – in an ongoing and lengthy court case.

A separate court hearing is currently underway in Italy, as businessman Giampaolo Tarantini, and Berlusconi’s escort ‘fixer’ is in court for arranging around 30 high class escorts to meet with the President. On top of these allegations, Tarantini is charged with criminal conspiracy – as the businessman is said to have ‘fixed’ the escorts, so that he could obtain favours from the President. Another charge relates to a separate drug offense, with Tarantini admitting to Italian police, that he believed that ‘cocaine and women’ were the way to gain important business contacts. The President has been publicly criticised for his elaborate spending, in a time when Italy is immersed in debt, and the Euro is under immense pressure. Despite the police enquiry and public concern over spending, recent photographs of the President show him looking relaxed and carefree. However, reports suggest that Berlusconi’s popularity is at an all time low, as Italy suffered a further blow in a credit rating downgrade. Italian newspapers have called for Berlusconi to prove his love for his country by resigning from his powerful and highly paid position.

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