Bombing Attempt in New York

Times Square, one of the most famous locations in the world, was left shaken today after an attempted bombing was foiled. A man was arrested in New York City after when he tried to detonate a car bomb. If this attack had been successful it could’ve had catastrophic results; Times Square is densely populated throughout the day and night with innocent civilians.

Faisal Shahzad is originally from Pakistan, but is now a US citizen. He was accused of trying to drive his car into Time Square on Saturday night, laden with explosives. Later, he will appear in a Manhattan Court. He was arrested at JFK Airport, where he was trying to board a flight to Dubai. Apparently, Mr Shahzad has not been back in the US for long; he had recently been in his home country of Pakistan for 5 months. The FBI had searched his Connecticut home on Tuesday.

The Dubai flight had to be stopped before take off, asking three passengers to exit the plane after being seated. This lead to a full security check, with all passengers exiting the plane and the plane and baggage being screened. When the Pakistani authorities were asked about Mr Shahzad, they claimed to have no knowledge of him. They insist that it is nothing to do with the Pakistani taliban, though many fear that this was an attempted terrorist attack from that feared group.

Mr Shahzad left the car of explosives in Times Square with the engine running and the hazard lights flashing. Bombs had been made out of fireworks, fertilizer, propane gas tanks and petrol. The vehicle was a Nissan Pathfinder. Luckily, a street vendor noticed smoke coming from the car and alerted the authorities; the bomb was found and dismantled before it went off.

It is unknown which terrorist group were behind this attempted attack, but authorities will not rest until the culprits are behind bars. American escorts will be remaining vigilant in the meantime, reporting anything that looks suspicious immediately. There was obviously intent to kill innocent Americans when this bomb was left; Times Square was full of theatregoers, workers and tourists. The area was closed off whilst a controlled explosion was carried out and thankfully nobody was injured throughout the process. Incidents like these are a constant reminder of the tragic terrorist attacks that were executed successfully, killing thousands of people. We are hoping that all responsible will be caught so that the streets will be safe.