British Casualties Double in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Defence havew revealed that over the last month, ninety four Brits have been wounded in action whilst serving in Afghanistan; this is double what the figure was previously. Over the course of the year, there have been 236 British personnel who needed to be admitted to hospital as a result of their service.

June’s total of casualties was 46, so July’s figure of 94 is more than twice as much. 19 were “very seriously injured” this month; this catagory indicates personnel who have lost limbs in action. A further 12 were “seriously injured”.

The amount of wounded British personnel in Afghanistan has risen so much that the total for July exceeds the total amount in the whole of 2006, when the amount stood at 85 casualties.

The recent rise in casualties corresponds with the launch of operation ‘Panther’s Claw’ by British forces; it is an offensive against the Taliban taking place in central Helmand province. This month saw 22 British fatalities – the highest amount in a month since British forces first entered Afghanistan in 2001.

The amount of British personnel who have now been killed in Afghanistan currently stands at 204; the more this figure increases, the more pressure is felt by the Government.

Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth insists that the conflict is “winnable”. He admitted not knowing the strength of Taliban forces, yet remains confident that victory is possible. His goal is to get Afghanistan to a position where they can protect their own security and prevent the Taliban from returning.

It was suggested by Gen Sir David Richards last week that British troops could be in Afghanistan for another 30 years, however the Defence Secretary was quick to rubbish these claims, describing them as “ludicrous”. His answering statement was vague, saying that he intended for British troops to be phased out “over the next year or so” from the region.

The Government has acknowledged that this is an incredibly dangerous mission, but maintains that it is integral to the United Kingdom’s security.

As sweethearts nervously awaited their partner’s safe return back in World War II, now London escorts are hoping that men who are their fathers, brothers, clients or friends will come home safely from Afghanistan.