British Soldier Hostages Released

There is celebration in the United Kingdom today as five British sailors have been released safely from a hostage situation. The men were captured last week when their yacht accidentally strayed into Iranian waters.

It has been reported that their yacht, The Kingdom of Bahrain, had experienced technical difficulties which resulted in them straying off course. The yacht and its sailors were seized by Revolutionary Guards.

The sailors’ release was confirmed by the foreign office earlier today, much to their families’ delight. They are being towed back into the safety of International waters. They are believed to be heading for Dubai.

Iranians are particularly paranoid about spies entering their waters, which was their reason for taking the Britons hostage in the first place. After questioning, the Iranian authorities believed that this had been a genuine mistake and that the sailors were innocent.

The men involved were Oliver Young, Luke Porter, Sam Usher, Olly Smith and David Bloomer. All along, the Iranian authorities indicated that they intended to deal with the matter in a “straightforward” way, and it seems that they have done so. David Miliband, the Foreign Secretary, has been speaking about the incident. As far as he is aware, the sailors were treated well during their captivity; it won’t be long until we can hear accounts from the men themselves.

Iran had warned that the consequences for the sailors would be serious if they were discovered to have “evil intentions”. It was feared that the British men might have become pawns or bargaining chips in the diplomatic differences between Iran and Britain.

The men were sailing from Britain to Dubai in their 60 foot yacht for an International competition. A broken propeller caused them to drift just 500 feet into Iranian waters by mistake. It has been speculated that the Iranian authorities boarded the yacht first to check that there was no threat, but then they came aboard a second time upon realising that they could gain diplomatic capital from the situation.

It must have been a traumatising experience for the sailors, who had been captive since Wednesday. We think that some time spent with one of our Sands End escorts would soon take their mind off matters!