Copenhagen for Climate Change

Climate change has become one of the most major issues that the world faces. We are beginning to see the effects of global warming; newspapers show images of melting ice caps destroying the natural habitats of Arctic creatures such as polar bears, and rising water levels are blamed for floods all over the planet. Natural fuel resources will one day run out and we are being urged to change our ways before it’s too late.

A conference is being held in Copenhagen to make the world aware of climate change, and will be telling us how we can reduce our carbon footprint. However, due to the grand scale of the conference, many are concerned about the damage that the event itself will cause.

Around 15,000 people are expected to go to Copenhagen to attend the conference, plus another 2000 journalists to provide news coverage. Organisers of the climate change summit are trying to encourage people to come by train, but it is inevitable that many will fly by plane. It’s difficult to imagine the amount of energy that will be guzzled at this event; 900km of computer cable will be laid, with over 200,000 meals served and cups of coffee drunk.

The conference is being held at the Bella Centre. In an attempt to reduce emissions, they have implemented a range of measures to save energy. Delegates will be consuming tap water instead of bottled water, and are being encouraged to use public transport. Hotels have been asked to do what they can, such as using insulation to save heating and letting their guests use towels for more than just one night. Delegates will also have the chance to hire bicycles during their stay, and they might opt for one of the ‘carbon neutral’ hotdogs from a pork factory powered by pig manure.

The Danish company Inbicon are providing a fleet of VIP style limousines for the conference, and for the first ever time they are being fuelled by biofuel made from straw, making the vehicles much more climate friendly. The special E85 fuel will save 85% of co2 emissions in comparison to gasoline.

Despite the measures being put in place, the summit is expected to create 40,500 tonnes of emissions due to living costs and international travel; that’s the same amount of carbon emissions as the whole of Morocco created in 2006.

There are measures that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint, as our Stamford Brook escorts do. Turn power off at the plug instead of leaving it on standby, opt for public transport or even walking where possible.