Devestating Typhoon Hits Taiwan

Around 400 people are missing from Taiwan after Typhoon Morakot hit a mountain village there. The Typhoon is currently wreaking havoc across Asia as rescue workers are desperately trying to reach people using helicopters. The Typhoon caused a massive landslide to collapse onto their homes destroying the village.

Cameras on the helicopters managed to catch the devestation from above providing television footage of the disaster. All that remains of the village of Hsiaolin is a few rooftops visible over a wash of rivers with mud. The main bridge into the village was swept away at the weekend leaving access to the island difficult.

One of the local residents, Mr Weng, 46, described how he narrowly escaped the mud but lost the 10 members of his family in the tradegy. Specially trained soldiers and rescuers were flown in to search for the villagers who were missing; the number is said to be somewhere between 200 and 400 people who are feared to be buried in the mud. Part of the mountain that overlooked the village collapsed and buried most of the homes and a primary school.

The authorities say that as long as the weather permits, they will continue to send more rescue workers to the area – perhaps up to 160. Earlier today they rescued 45 people from the area, and the official death toll currently stands at 14 – however this is expected to increase dramatically.

After Typhoon Marakot moved West from Taiwan, China relocated around one million people to avoid the same fate as the villagers of Taiwan. In Thai, ‘Typhoon Marakot’ means ’emerald’.

Tokyo is bracing itself for the natural disaster following the death of 13 people in Japan after rivers burst their banks. It was so powerful that it washed away houses and cars ripping devestation along its path. Winds reached 78mph dropping 25 inches of rain on Hyogo and Okayama. The town of Sayo was hit particularly badly with 500 houses washed away resulting Troops being sent to the area.

Oriental escorts are hugely concerned about their relatives who are in areas of danger; they are hoping for their safety and the best best possible outcome.