Efforts Continue to Help Haiti

Over 8 days since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, miracle survivors are still being pulled out alive from the rubble that dominates the worst hit areas. Aftershocks have been felt which brought down some of the few remaining buildings; more and more rescue workers are being brought in to try and salvage what they can of the island and to improve living conditions for the survivors.

The disaster has left thousands of people in the Caribbean nation destitute; it was reported today that food has reached just 7.5% of the population in need. The death toll is thought to have risen over 100,000, and will continue to rise if more relief is not provided. With over a million Haitians now homeless, they are being forced to live in cramped conditions of make shift camps; there are major concerns that disease will spread. With doctors having waiting lists of 12 days, people with serious wounds are having to sit and wait, while their wounds fester and become infected. It’s a dire situation with just not enough medical help available for the vast numbers in need.

UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised to increase his efforts to bring aid, and he has approached music mogul Simon Cowell and requested for him to put a charity single together. The plan is to put something together in 48 hours, and to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake appeal.

Although he may come across as a tough guy, but Simon Cowell must have a heart of gold because his concern for the cause is evident. He has taken on the project with no questions asked, and has said that he will get whoever is available on board to contribute. Fellow X Factor judge has already agreed to help out, and other stars such as Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga and Beyonce have been approached.

This is not the only charity single to be recorded for Haiti; well known do-gooder ‘Bono’ from the band U2 has teamed up with American rapper Jay-Z. Details have yet to be released about their track, but our London escorts are expecting good things!

Money is being raised in different ways all over the world. There are websites and phone lines where you can donate to the appeal; click here if you’d like to make a donation directly to the Haiti earthquake fund.