Eurotunnel Shuts Down Service

No one at Eurotunnel foresaw the unexpected snow that would lay siege to France. This meant that no precautions were taken, and when the snow did finally hit, it caused mass delays and cancellations. 55,000 people discovered that their journeys were cancelled when six trains broke down owing to the cold conditions.

But matters have gone from bad to worse, as Eurotunnel has suspended all services to avoid having any more passengers stranded or trapped on the trains like those who were unfortunate enough to be trapped on Friday or Saturday.

Although new trains allegedly more capable of dealing with snow and cold conditions are being tested, but it seems like too little too late as many people find themselves doomed to be stranded on the wrong side of the channel this Christmas. This calamity is soon to be under official review.

Many have relatives and friends who were among those stranded in the Eurotunnel on Friday, including some of our London escortsTrapped in confined conditions with little food and water meant that many passengers felt tremendous panic and emotional strain.

Although officials at Eurotunnel believe they have identified the problem that caused the faults with the trains, they say it will still take a few days to deal with the backlogged passengers, and are not taking any new bookings. This means that many native Britons are still trapped in France, and there is even possibility that many might not make it back to their homes for Christmas. The same is to be said about Europeans trapped in the UK. This is a catastrophe that could not have come at a worse time of year, but fortunately not many of our Queensway escorts have much reason to leave the country, and are still willing and able to offer their services to anyone.

Fortunately, not all is bleak. Those trapped in the tunnel on Friday and Saturday will receive £150 compensation each, and those stranded due to train faults will receive out-of-pocket expenses for lodging and food. Flight companies like Flyby and British Airways are increasing their intake of passengers to help ease the problems. But many ferries such as SeaFrance and P&O suffered cancellations of their own owing to bad weather. EasyJet even claimed that France was imposing flight restrictions on the airline at Charles du Galle airport in Paris, causing another batch of cancellations.