Gorgeous Rima Crowned Miss USA

Rima Fakih has made history by becoming the first Muslim immigrant to win the prestigious title of Miss USA. The pageant took place in Las Vegas, famous for it’s grand hotels and casinos; many come here to live the high life and beautiful women are plentiful. Rima was judged by billionaire Donald Trump, who is the the USA version of ‘The Apprentice’. When asked when she realised she’s won, Rima described how Trump had looked at her with the same look he gives his contestants on the TV show when he tells them “You’re hired”. The entrepreneur owns the Miss Universe organisation, so his vote is the one you really want!

As a Shiite Muslim, Rima has made the residents of her native country proud; she comes from Southern Lebanon. They are honoured that Rima has been accepted in America, because Shiite Muslims are often portrayed as terrorists or extremists. Her victory will show the world that not everyone belonging to this religion is like that, and the things that they value are love and family bonds. Rima moved to America when she was just seven years old, and thinks of herself as American and Lebanese.

Rima competed in three sections of the pageant; swim wear, evening gown and the interview. She dazzled in all three, impressing the judges with her grace and beauty. America is well known for being politically correct, so some are complaining that choosing an ethnic minority was tactical, however one look at the stunning Rima will show you why she really won! She is a true beauty, and has the kind of desirability that our Lebanese escorts aspire to.

There was some controversy during the competition, which is something that always happens! This year, some complained about the photo shoot undertaken by participants, which showed them in lingerie or in men’s shirts without a bra underneath. They have been described as too racy and provocative; the pageant used to be about other qualities such as moral fibre, but now it is very heavily focused on sexuality. None of the participants seemed to mind – they were very comfortable posing for the camera, and created some stunning shots.

Another scandal arose when pictures were leaked of Rima pole dancing in a stripper competition. She was still wearing shorts and a tank top, but had some dollar bills stuffed in her bra from revellers. Hopefully these revelations will not change the judges mind!