A Hero’s Welcome for Spain

There was a hero’s welcome waiting for Spain’s football team when they arrived back to their home country from South Africa this afternoon. There were celebrations all over Madrid as the boys came home victorious; they are meeting with the King and the Prime Minister of Spain, and also doing a tour of the city in an open top bus so that their fans and supporters can get a glimpse of them.

The team arrived into Barajas Airport to find a crowd gathered for them, cheering as the football players presented their golden World Cup trophy by raising it in the air. Spaniards have been celebrating since their 1-0 win over the Netherlands in the World Cup final last night; flags are waving all over the country, and people are dressing up in the national red and yellow colours to show their pride for Spain.

Having already won the latest European Championships, there is no doubt that Spain has the best footballers in the world – and today we will definitely hear about it! Even in London, the Spanish are unleashing their passionate natures and celebrating their team’s victory. Our Spanish escorts were ecstatic last night and were smiling from ear to ear! Any gentlemen who managed to get an appointment with one of those girls were very lucky, and certainly would have been in for an exciting evening.

British referee Howard Webb handed out a record number of yellow cards during the final game, resulting in 15 penalisation’s (14 yellow and one red card). He has received some criticism for this strict treatment, but others are jumping to his defence saying that he had to be harsh to be fair. It was a very brutal game with some deliberate dirty play, and the players obviously needed a firm hand to keep things under control. One example was when Nigel de Jong karate kicked Xabi Alonso’s chest – it looked so painful! The boys were obviously taking no prisoners during that match. Webb was the first Englishman to referee a World Cup final since 1974, so it was a privilege for our country to participate in the match.

Everyone will now have found out whether or not they won any bets or sweepstakes on the world cup, with the results final. Now football fever will take a back seat for a while (or at least until the European Championships in 2012), so we can all get lost in festival fever for the rest of the summer!