Italian Prime Minister to be Released from Hospital

Silvio Berlusconi, the Italian Prime Minister, has been recovering in hospital following a violent attack in Milan. He is expected to be released later today.

The country’s 73 year old leader made International headlines earlier this year after allegations that he had been involved with a blonde escort, as well as a string of other beautiful women. While he was meeting with supporters on Sunday and shaking their hands, he was assaulted by a man who was holding a replica of the cathedral in Milan; Berlusconi was struck by the man at close range and suffered substantial injuries to his face. He was left with two broken teeth, a broken nose, cuts and bruises.

The Prime Minister’s first few days in hospital were spent in pain according to the doctors there, but he was reported to have had a “quiet night” last night, suggesting that he was feeling more comfortable. He was originally due to be released yesterday, but still suffering from persistent pain he was ordered to spend another night in his hospital bed. The attack caused Berlusconi’s old problems of neck and back pain to resurface, causing him severe headaches.

Police arrested 42 year old Massimo Tartaglia for the attack; he is said to have a lengthy history of psychiatric problems. His lawyers have requested that he is transferred from police custody to a psychiatric hospital, even if it is only temporary, but at the moment this request has not been granted. If he is convicted of assault, Massimo Tartaglia may have to spend up to 5 years in jail.

Yesterday, another man was arrested inside the hospital where the Prime Minister was being treated. Although he did not make it into Berlusconi’s room, he managed to get the the seventh floor before being intercepted by security guards. The man claimed that he just wanted to talk to the Prime Minister, but did not appear to be aggressive or violent.

Berlusconi has been forced to cancel many engagements since the attack, including the conference being held in Copenhagen to tackle climate change. Doctors have advised him to avoid any situations in public that many cause him stress and to rest for two weeks.

The Italian Prime Minister has delivered positive messages from his hospital bed and seems to be remaining optimistic; he said “love always prevails” and thanked supporters for their well wishes.