Kidnappers Demanding £100,000 Ransom

A five year old boy has been snatched in Pakistan by robbers carrying guns who ambushed his family. The British child, Sahil Saeed, is originally from Oldham near Manchester; at the time of the kidnap, he was staying in a house in the Punjab region with family. Raja Naqqash Saeed, the father of the boy, has said that the culprits have demanded a £100,000 ransom for the boy’s safe return.

In Islamabad, a spokesperson for the British High Commission described how the robbers had held the family at gunpoint throughout the night, and eventually fled the premises with the young boy and with valuable household items such as money and jewellery.

The Saeeds were on holiday visiting extended family at the house in Jhelum and were taken by surprise when a gang of men broke in around 11pm with weapons, carrying grenades as well as guns. All of the British Council and Police in Pakistan have been informed about the incident and about the missing boy.

The fact that this could happen to anyone, anywhere is a very sobering thought. Our London escorts have been very lucky so far to lead safe lives in the city, but it’s always important to be aware of risks and to take safety precautions.

The ordeal apparently lasted six hours, and the family were tied up, beaten, kicked and slapped by the robbers. Mr Saeed was taken into a separate room to be tortured, where the robbers told him that he must pay £100,000 for his son’s safe return. Mr Saeed simply does not have this kind of money and has no way of paying this ransom. He has been given until midday local time to come up with the money; although he is being given consular assistance from the Foreign Office, Mr Saeed has no idea how this can be resolved.

The boy’s mother has made a public plea to the kidnappers today, begging them to return her son safely. Sahil was staying at his grandmother’s house with his father at the time he was captured. Akila Naqqash has described her son as a “sweet and good little boy”; she is still at home in England with the rest of her family. Five year old Sahil is a completely innocent victim, and everyone who knows the boy has been urged by Mrs Naqqash to pray for his safe return.