National Kissing Day 2010

You might not like to admit that you’ve been counting the days since Valentine’s Day was over… today, July 6th 2010, is National Kissing Day. Now you can lavish your loved ones with kisses, woo the object of your desire or show a female friend how you really feel. You could even try your luck with a hot brunette escort! It’s almost as good as mistletoe.

According to International statistics, Brits do less kissing overall than our European counterparts – this is something we need to rectify! However, with 42% of votes, Brits as a nation are the best kissers! Italians came second with 15%, so as you can see, we’re way ahead with the skills! Great news for Great Britain.

If you want more kisses, there are certain things you should do to attract as many lips as possible. Most importantly, keep your breath fresh! You should brush your teeth twice a day, and you can also use mouthwash and tooth floss to get the best results. Bad breath is one of the worst turn offs for women, so make sure you don’t have it. It’s a good idea to carry chewing gum or breath mints throughout the day – you never know when an opportunity might arise…

Other kissing turn offs include slobbering, so keep that saliva in check; you should only be kissing her lips, not her whole face. If there’s any chin or nose in the mix, you’re doing it wrong. It also doesn’t go well when you stick your tongue right down her throat; keep it to her immediate mouth area for a good French kiss. If she starts making gagging noises, take that as a very bad sign!

Most young people practise kissing on their arm, on a pillow or on the mirror before they try the real thing. The skill develops as you get older and kiss more people, and sometimes you’ll find someone whose lips are very compatible with yours. Kissing is a beautiful thing, and you should do it as much as you can!

National Kissing Day has now been adopted by many other countries, so can also be known as ‘World Kissing Day’ or ‘International Kissing Day’. Many couples across Europe are much more comfortable with public displays of affection than Brits; it’s about the time that we lost the stiff upper lip and embraced this act. Let go of that British reserve and spread the kisses across the globe!