New Royal Rules for Powerful Women

It has been announced today that the ancient 300 year royal rule stating that men are favoured to take the throne has finally been scraped. Instead, new rules state that the first-born will take the role of King or Queen, irrelevant of their gender. In a double over-turn, a new rule regarding religion also means that the law stating that the Monarch is unable to marry a Catholic has also been erased. Both these new laws affect the UK, Canada and Australia, and mean that the British line of succession has now altered considerably.

With ancient rules handing Royal males the power for hundreds of years, it seems that these equal rights have been a long time coming. Especially since there are a vast selection of powerful Queens renowned for doing a praiseworthy job, including Elizabeth I, Victoria and of course our present ruling Monarch. In fact, if the rules had been changed earlier, or never come into place, our British history would be completely different.

Today the Queen broadcast her beliefs in the power of women, and British Prime minister David Cameron also stated that he found the old historic laws ‘at odds with the modern countries we have become.’ Mr Cameron stepped in amidst concern that there would be a constitutional crisis should the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, give birth to a girl in the near future.

In fact, all the issues surrounding the recent reform have occurred due to the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton earlier this year. With speculation mounting surrounding the fact that the couple are likely to have a child in the next few years, the laws regarding the monarch have been cast into the light. The recent changes mean that if Kate gives birth to a girl, then she will take precedence over any younger brothers that the couple may later have. In short, the first born will always be first in-line to the throne, irrelevant of whether it is a female or male. However, despite these new rules it is likely to be a long time before a female monarch takes over the throne, as there are currently two generations of males-in-waiting.

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