Pakistan’s Fatal Car Bomb

More than ninety people have been killed in the city of Peshawar in Pakistan today, after a car bomb tore through a busy market place. The innocent victims were mostly women and children, according to eye witnesses and a doctor who treated those injured.

Just hours before the blast, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived into the country to show support for the crackdown on militants by the Government. The country has been shaken by a series of terrorist attacks ever since Pakistani troops launched their assault against Islam extremists near the border of Afghanistan. Ms Clinton was in the country’s capital, Islamabad, for talks with Pakistani leaders.

Shops caught on fire and trapped people inside a multi storey building, which collapsed and crushed those trying to escape. Bodies were burned beyond recognition. Some of the shop owners who survived described being engulfed in black smoke and their shops crumbling down around them.

Police have said that the bomb was a car full of explosives, which was parked near to a shop. It was detonated by a remote control. Relief workers have warned that the death toll may rise considerably as most of the injuries are critical, and there could still be people trapped under the rubble.

Doctors have seen horrific sights on their wards, and they are asking passers by to donate blood in order to save lives of the wounded. They described the dead bodies, gruesome injuries and body parts at the scene of the explosion.

Since 30,000 Pakistani troops were moved into the South Waziristan tribal region, more than 300 citizens have been killed in a spate of militant attacks. This area is the nation’s main stronghold of al-Qaeda and Taleban militants. Pakistan is now on high alert amidst fears that extremists will retaliate to the recent attacks.

The military today claimed that they have made good headway in a 12 day long operation against the Taleban. Troops have surrounded a town that is currently being held by Uzbek fighters. The Taleban are now said to be fleeing from the town and shaving off their beards.

So far, nobody has claimed responsibility for the attack today but the Taleban are believed to have been involved. They have been behind previous bombs, and Taleban leaders had warned that they would stage further attacks if the army did not retreat from its offensive on militants.

Our Hackney Escorts send out their sympathy to the family and friends of those who lost their lives in today’s explosion.