Rapper Snoop Dogg Can Return!


It has been announced this week that American rapper Snoop Dogg will now be allowed to return to the UK if he wishes. He has been involved in a long running dispute with Immigration and the Border Authorities as to whether or not he should be allowed into the country due to past criminal convictions.

The 38 year old hip hop star was planning a trip to the UK for his 2007 tour but had his visa application denied. The ruling was then lifted in 2008, but this decision was challenged by the UK Border Agency, which meant that the case had to be taken to an Asylum and Immigration Tribunal. It wasn’t until last week that two senior immigration judges admitted that the border authorities had been wrong to refuse Snoop Dogg entry into the country.

Snoop Dogg was informed of this decision on Monday and will now be free to apply for another visa to enter the UK, however the application will not necessarily be accepted. A new application would have to go through all of the same checks as any other application. The rapper, whose real name is Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr, has a large hip hop fan base in the UK who are eager for him to come and perform on their home turf.

However, the UK Border Agency are said to be “disappointed” with this decision and are still deciding whether or not to appeal. They are concerned that Snoop Dogg could pose a risk to the public. Back in 2005 a fan jumped on stage during his concert in Seattle, and the star was accused of hitting the fan. Although Snoop Dogg was eventually cleared of these charges, his record company still had to pay damages to the victim of the alleged assault.

The rapper was then arrested in 2006 at Heathrow Airport when there was an incident involving his entourage. He is renowned for living a very hedonistic lifestyle and is often linked to drug use. The image he portrays is far from wholesome but is important to uphold his style and reputation – we’re sure that he would enjoy partying with our gorgeous London escorts as he is always surrounded by beautiful women!

If you’re not a hip hop fan, you may recognise Snoop Dogg from his appearance as ‘Huggy Bear’ in the recent film version of Starsky and Hutch, a remake of the iconic cop TV series.