Spring has Sprung

Spring has Sprung

It’s official. Today is the first day of spring. There has been previous posts about the sunny skies, warmer temperatures and what to wear now the weather isn’t so chilly. But, now it is official. The sun is out and sky is clear. It may still be a little fresh at times, but that’s what spring is all about. A stream of sunshine warms the air, but at times when not in direct view it can turn cool. This is what this seasons is all about. Saying goodbye to the icy cold winter and welcoming in a more temperate climate.

Originally marked as the vernal equinox; the first day of spring, today coincides with the twice yearly event. This is when the day and night are of equal length – usually timed to happen on March 20/21 and September 22. This equinoctial point is when the sun crosses the celestial equator, marking the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Making today an extra special day for the start of the season.

Celebrate this day with some time spent with any of the beautiful escorts London has to offer. Spring time calls for more moments spent outdoors and longer days to enjoy the foreseeable good weather. Fingers crossed. We can all hope for for bright and cloudless skies; but let’s not forget spring also brings the odd shower or two.

The balmy start to spring today though has put a spring in many a step across the nation. The Met Office has revealed a forecast of warmer temps this week, with reports from weather stations nationwide. However, it isn’t London that’ll be receiving the full heat from the spring sun, the North East will be the warmest part of the UK. Don’t abandon any plans to spend some time with a London escort though.

You can still enjoy the clear skies of the first day of spring with one of the girls from V London. Go for a stroll around one of the Royal Parks; Kensington Gardens offers acres of horticultural scenery to enjoy. Kensington escorts will be happy to spend some time with you in the fresh outdoors on this fine spring day.