A Sudden Change to Chilly Temperatures

The temperature has dropped over the last few days. From sunnier skies and warmer days, the threat of Siberian weather is upon us. Well so we thought. Yesterday and this morning the whole of London felt the freeze, although as the day has progressed the sun has greeted us with its presence. Although, take a step outside the cosy confines of your heated home or office and you will feel the wind chap your face and hands. The sudden drop in temperature in the evenings however have caused London escorts to resort to donning a woolly hat, gloves and scarf. We may be lucky in this part of the country, but other parts of the UK has been hit with wintry downfalls of snow. The Army have rallied in a load of troops on standby to assist after alerts of further freezing temperatures were made. The threat of Britain bracing a week-long drop in temperatures, as low as -10C, has got everyone going into panic mode. Met Office experts have suggested that assistance is needed to help the elderly and vulnerable in the worst case scenario.

So, what’s with these icy blasts from Siberia and how are they affecting London and the rest of the UK? The temperatures across the UK will fall day by day, with the worst of the day being affected in the hard frost nights and early mornings. The nights will be the worst though, as this will be when the degrees drop into the minuses. So snuggle up and keep warm, preparing for some chilly night time temperatures. Escorts in London are even partial to a companion date in front of the fire, with a blanket and a good film, if you can’t face the cold of the outdoors.

Snow has threatened to fall on us here in London, with some small flakes dropping yesterday afternoon. However we have been fortunate to avoid the snowfalls like those in south Wales, south-west England and eastern Scotland. These locations have experienced more than just a blanket of the white stuff. Don’t hold your breath too much for signs of snowfall in the city, even though there has been mild threat. The sunnier skies we have been experiencing today is due to the high pressure sweeping across and clearing the skies. These sunnier conditions in many southern areas of the UK are likely to continue for the next couple of days, although it will still remain very cold. The night time frosts will be the worst, with the harsh winds making walking about town almost painful. A little heads up though, don’t make plans for outdoors activities at the weekend, as the Atlantic air will be still be rife.