Susan Boyle Goes for US Domination

In April this year, the nation was in fits of giggles as an awkward, unattractive Scottish woman called Susan Boyle stepped out on to the stage of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’. I felt uncomfortable watching as the plain 47 year old stood there preparing herself and the audience sniggered. But by the time she had finished singing ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ from the musical ‘Les Miserables’, the audience and the nation completely changed their opinions and gave her a standing ovation. She became an instant hit on the internet, with thousands of people across the world logging on to watch her surprisingly good performance.

Life has been a whirlwind for Susan Boyle since her performance, which resulted in her winning the UK talent competition. She was signed by Simon Cowell (one of the judges on the programme) and has recorded her first album. Suddenly, this alleged 47 year old virgin is one of the most famous women in the world. She achieved her lifelong dream last week of singing a duet with her idol ‘Elaine Page’.

This week saw Susan Boyle firmly hold her place at the top of the US chart with her debut album ‘I Dreamed a Dream’; during its first week of release, over 700,000 copies were sold. It has been suggested that she may have the best selling album of the year if she managed to beat the young, beautiful country singing star Taylor Swift, who has so far shifted 2.5 million copies. There are four weeks left in the running, and Boyle is well on target for beating this record. She also currently holds the UK number one and is hoping to achieve the coveted Christmas number 1.

Susan Boyle has been travelling and performing around the world to promote her album. Since winning ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ she has showed signs of stress and poor mental health, and many worry that she is struggling to cope with her instant rise to fame. She has already spent time in the London rehab clinic ‘The Priory’ claiming exhaustion, and has been photographed looking tearful and emotional.

In her past she has been bullied at school (which she has spoken about in interviews), and never moved out of the family home in Scotland. Her siblings moved away, her father died in the 1990s and she looked after her mother who finally passed away last year at the age of 91. She described her life in the past as “hell” and admitted to getting depressed.

Her life is likely to remain a roller coaster for some time yet, as her album is set to spend another week at the top of the US chart. Our Deptford escorts are certainly fans of hers, and are rooting for the Christmas number 1!