West Bank Mosque Attacked

A mosque in the Northern area of the occupied West Bank (near Jerusalem) has been attacked, and at the moment it is suspected that the attack was carried out by Jewish Settlers.

The culprits sprayed graffiti at the scene in Hebrew which was a major give away, and they set fire to some prayer mats and a library. There was a brief clash between Israeli soldiers who were investigating the incident and Palestinian residents of Yasuf, the village found there.

The amount of attacks on Palestinians by Jewsih settlers is on the increase; recently, several incidents have been captured on camera and broadcast over the internet, drawing publicity worldwide. There have been complaints against the army and the police by Israeli Human Rights Groups that not enough is being done to investigate these attacks. It has been reported that 9 out of 10 of the alleged attacks carried out by settlers on Palestinians end with charges brought against nobody, despite an investigation supposedly taking place.

There is a “price tag” policy advocated by some hard line settlers, where they retaliate to any Israeli Government measure which they see as a threat to Jewish settlements by attacking Palestinians.

Some of the graffiti found sprayed on the wall of the Mosque attacked in Yasuf was threatening messages, such as “We will burn you all” and Get ready to pay the price”. This was reported on Israeli public radio, making everyone aware of the situation.

The Israeli Military have issued a statement saying that their security forces are working towards locating the perpetrators. They view the recent attack “gravely”. Munir Abushi is a local Israeli governor who has spoken out, saying that the security forces are not doing enough to protect the Palestinians and prevent attacks from the Jewish settlers.

A rally was staged in Jerusalem on Wednesday by Jewish settlers and their supporters, since an announcement was made curbing more settlement building in the West Bank. This 10 month lull was ordered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, though this does not include East Jerusalem. This order was passed after US and Palestinians pushed for a complete freeze in settlement building. Until this is agreed, Palestinian officials refuse to join peace talks.

Although disputed by Israeli, all Jewish settlements are illegal under international law. Some of our Nunhead escorts are concerned about the growing conflict.