Will Spain Be the World Champions?

Spain have been gaining momentum throughout the World Cup Tournament, convincing more and more doubters that they are capable of winning the coveted World Cup trophy. On Sunday, they take on Holland for the final match – the one that will determine who are the champions and who will return home victorious. They defeated Germany in the semi final 1 – 0, though they had many other chances at scoring that were narrow misses.

The only game that Spain have lost during this tournament was in the first group, when they were beaten by Switzerland. Instead of discouraging them, this obviously spurred them on to prove themselves, which they have done by securing a place in the World Cup final.

Tensions are high as both teams prepare for the last game of the tournament, with all players under strict orders from their football coaches to keep themselves in peak condition. This is the single biggest event in the footballing world, all coming to a pinnacle this weekend. Bookies have cash rolling in from people placing bets on which team will win, and what the final scores will be. After their impressive performance against Germany, Spain are slightly ahead at the moment, but Holland could turn everything around – they have a very strong team and have played consistently well in every game so far.

Our Spanish escorts can’t wait until Sunday, and have their fingers crossed that their national team will do what it takes to win the tournament. If you meet an escort from Spain that day, she will either be ecstatic or glum! They have good faith that their team will pull through. Besides, if Paul the psychic octopus has predicted that Spain will win, it must be true! Some people in Spain are proposing that if they win the World Cup on Sunday 11th July, the date should be made a national bank holiday! They are currently trying to gain the 1 million signatures needed to put the idea forward to the Spanish government.

Whichever team wins, there are bound to be many celebrations across London on Sunday night (as well as some commiserations). Even those who don’t particularly support either team won’t be able to help getting caught up in the atmosphere – the rest of the city will be getting involved, so prepare yourself for some excitement!