“World Famous Actor” Enjoys Secret Escort Liaisons

A “world famous actor” has secured a high court injunction to stop information regarding his escort liaisons, being made public knowledge. The married man who has appeared on both film and television, is said to be well known for his work and instantly recognisable.

Famous escort girl Helen Wood, who is a former Catholic schoolgirl, has claimed to be at the heart of the injunction. The 23 three year old blonde escort seems to have a strong passion for famous men, previously being at the centre of a scandal with Manchester United footballer, Wayne Rooney – who enjoyed a threesome with two stunning escorts.

Wood has described how the actor removed his wedding ring before their encounter, and then later enjoyed a steamy session together. Afterwards, the actor is said to have worried that Helen Wood would go public, so chose to pursue matters through the courts. Obviously keen to save both his marriage and reputation, the actor is not the first celebrity to seek legal aid, in order to keep their indiscretions a secret.

The judge declared that the actors integrity would remain intact, stating that the actor was seeking to protect the publication of his private sexual encounters. The judge said that he believed that it was understandable for the actor to have a reasonable expectation that that which he does in his private life, by way of sexual encounters, remains private. The judge also pointed out that it was not in the public interest to print details of the rendezvous.

The injunction is the latest to be announced from the high court following a huge storm over the controversial gagging orders in both May and June. Since the injunction, rumours regarding the identity of the famous actor have spread like wild fire upon social network sites. The famous Internet site “Twitter” is particularly awash with speculation. Public pressure has reportedly caused the actor to confess all to his wife, after worries that she would soon find out.

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