The World’s Most Powerful Women

The World’s Most Powerful Women

Forbes has released the 2010 list of the most powerful women in the world. Comprised of celebrities, politicians and business women, this annual list indicates which ladies are the most successful and the most influential. These are the kind of women that the rest of the female population looks up to, aspiring to be like them one day. Our escort girls greatly admire these women, though they know that every girl is powerful in her own way.

Topping the list at number 1 was Michelle Obama, wife of the US President Barrack. Being the first lady, Michelle has the opportunity to use her voice for good; Forbes praised the fact that she is “a forceful advocate of school nutrition standards”. She has climbed 39 places, being listed at number 40 in 2009. The list had previously been comprised mostly of politicians and international company leaders, but the new updated list is a more accurate reflection of modern life.

There was only one English woman listed in the top 100, and that was Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. She was awarded a modest 41st place – it would seem that monarchs no longer hold the reigns to the world, according to Forbes! Another surprising result was Nancy Pelosi only making 11th place, just outside the top 10. Pelosi is the speaker of the House of Representatives and is third in line for the US Presidency, after Vice President Joe Biden. Earlier this year, she was called the “most powerful speaker in a century” and was also hailed as “the most powerful woman in US history”… though apparently not as powerful as Lady Gaga. The kooky pop star came in 7th place; if she was set on world domination, she’s going about it the right way!

Two American talk show hosts also made it into the top 10, thanks to their outspoken and compassionate views: Oprah Winfrey and Ellen Degeneres. Both have fans in their millions, and have used their television shows as a platform to spread messages encouraging equal rights and tolerance against prejudice.

This year, Forbes magazine split their contenders into four categories: Politics, Media, Lifestyle and business. This gives a much broader spectrum, and is not solely based on earnings. It will probably appeal to more US citizens, many of whom may not have an interest in business and politics but follow the media closely.