Young Escort Girl Ensnares Footballers

A young Moroccan escort girl has revealed that she slept with several famous footballers while she was still under 18 years old. Prostitution is legal in France, but not if the girl is under 18, which means that the men she has named could end up being prosecuted and heavily fined.

The girl at the centre of the scandal is Zahia Dehar, a stunning teenager who has been working as an escort since she was 16. She didn’t tell anyone that she was under age so none of her clients knew that they could be getting into trouble; although she admits to accepting money for sex, Zahia insists that she is not a prostitute. Because she decides whether or not she wants to sleep with the men, she claims to be an escort girl.

The most prominent footballer to have been caught in the spotlight is Franck Ribery, the midfielder for Bayern Munich. Moroccan born Zahia boasted that she was hired as his birthday present when she was only 17; he spent thousands of pounds on a hotel for the night and on flights for her to come to Munich for his 26th birthday. He had spotted her in a swanky night club in Paris, and obviously decided that she was what he wanted. Zahia even described herself as a “lovely little present” when asked about the arrangement. She also made it clear that she had accepted money and had sex with him.

Ribery, who is married and has two children, has admitted to having sex with Zahia but he insists that he did not pay her and he did not know that she was only 17. She had told him that she was 18 when they met.

Since Cafe Zaman, a brothel in Paris, was raided and 18 girls were questioned, Zahia has been very forthcoming with her information. She gave an interview to Paris Match magazine and revealed all the juicy details, appearing on the front cover. Apparently the brothel is used by many of France’s top footballers; these revelations could seriously damage their careers if they are prosecuted.

Zahia comes from a Muslim family, who knew nothing about her profession until the news broke. Since then she has been hiding out in a villa in France, avoiding any consequences that may come. Ribery had converted to Muslim after marrying his wife (who had been his childhood sweetheart). She is said to be devastated at the news.