North American Escorts

As you’d expect, North America is a continent found in the world’s Northern hemisphere. As a leader in Western culture, this is where you’ll find all of the United States, Canada, Bermuda, St. Pierre, Miquelon and Greenland.

English is the most widely spoken language here, with the accent varying across the different states and territories. Americans are often very patriotic, with the land known as being associated with freedom and opportunity.

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America is arguably the most prominent country in the world at the moment. Few countries so fully involve themselves in the goings on of other countries to the degree that America does. After pilgrims claimed the land after issues with the natives in the 16th century, America has since gone on to become one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world. The escorts from the United States are some of the finest, sexiest escorts you are ever likely to lay eyes upon. Incredible to behold, they are also intensely flirtatious.


Canada has, for the last few years, been desperately struggling to shake off the image of American Jr. And although it gets far less global attention than its boisterous neighbour, Canada is beginning to develop its own globally recognized identity that extends beyond associations with mounties and ice hockey.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is among the most developed countries among those in Latin America. Found a little to the north of the South American continent, it is ranked among the top countries for reducing carbon emissions, and is often portrayed as the greenest country on the planet.

El Salvadore

Like most countries Latin American countries, El Salvador’s history features centuries of occupation by its indigenous people, before the Spanish came along in the 15th century and colonised it. Gaining its independence in 1823, it has since developed its own personality, style and culture, and is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination among people from all parts of the world.


Mexico was a country rife with intriguing civilization before the Spanish colonized it in the 16th Century. Nowadays it is well known for its citizens’ positive outlook on life and various native dishes. It gained its independence in 1821, and has since developed its own culture and personality.