Only in the Dark

Ted had never been very confident when it came to girls. He was an average looking guy with an average career and an average flat. He probably could have got a girlfriend if he tried, but he found it much easier to simply hire London escorts to come over instead; he got a thrill from having gorgeous girls in his company, the kind he never thought he’d be able to get in real life.

For the last year, Ted had been pining after the stunning girl who lived in his building. They often passed each other in the foyer, but he was sure that she didn’t know he existed. Her name was Sophia – he knew this from checking her post. Ted thought about her all the time; even being with London escorts couldn’t make him forget her.

One rainy Tuesday night he was sitting at home watching TV when the power cut. He was plunged into darkness, no light coming through the window. For a moment he sat still in his chair waiting for it to kick back in, but nothing happened.

A knock on the door made Ted jump; he was just starting to get used to the silence. He felt his way down the hall to the front door, and opened it tentatively. In the moonlight he could make out Sophia’s long raven hair and her big brown eyes, searching the doorway for his face in the darkness.

“I’m sorry to bother you” she said. She had a soft Spanish accent, and to Ted her voice sounded like a choir of angels. “I’m a bit scared of the dark, and wondered whether I could stay with you until the power’s back on? I don’t want to be alone”.

“Errrr…” Ted was trying to remember how to speak. His heart had jumped up into his throat, and he was aware that he hadn’t inhaled or exhaled since he had opened the door. “Sure, sure. Come in.”

Sophia touched Ted’s arm and held on so that she could follow him. They both went through to the living room and sat on the sofa. All Ted could see was Sophia’s silhouette; even in the pitch black she looked like a Goddess. Neither made conversation for a while – he wouldn’t have been able to speak if he tried. Ted was very aware that Sophia was still touching his arm, and as her hand moved slightly his whole body stiffened. Noticing, she laughed lightly.

“Do I make you nervous? You’re supposed to be the one keeping me safe!”

“I – I’m sorry” he stuttered. “I just… you’re beautiful. That’s all.”

Instantly, Ted regretted what he’d said. What if she was offended? Would she leave? A hand on his leg brought him back to the present. She silently stroked his thigh, moving her hand slowly up his leg. Feeling himself get erect, Ted shifted in his seat in the hope that she wouldn’t notice. He was so glad the lights were off! At this point, Sophia shifted too, bringing herself round to face him.

“Don’t be nervous. You don’t have to do anything at all – just sit back and relax”.

With a more swift movement, her hand slid up the inside of his thigh and found what he was trying to hide – a raging hard on. She breathed heavily and wrapped her hand around the bulge in his trousers. Getting up onto her knees, Sophia leaned over his body and undid his trousers, wrenching them down. Ted couldn’t believe what was happening; he assumed it was a dream, but did as he was hold and sat still. The next thing he felt was something warm and wet on his cock. Sophia had taken it into her mouth, running her tongue along the shaft and pressing her soft lips up and down. It felt incredible, Ted wished it would last forever.

He tried to work out why she was wriggling so much, and as her breath got heavier he heard a quiet shuffle. He realised that Sophia was touching herself, rubbing her own fingers between her legs as she sucked him off. He imagined what her pussy would feel like – all hot and tight, wetness dripping down her fingers. He felt close to coming, she was still blowing him hard and fast. Trying to hold back, he managed to utter the word “Please”.

Sophia understood exactly what he meant. She pulled herself up and straddled his lap. He brought his hands round to cup her firm arse, and guided her until he felt his cock push up inside her. She cried out as he entered her, and he lifted her up and down as she bobbed on top of him. She ground her hips as she gyrated, moaning in ecstasy. Feeling how tight she was, Ted couldn’t hold back any longer.

“I need to come” he groaned, and she clenched her muscles to clamp tight around him. With a huge surge he shot his load inside her, feeling the sweet release wave throughout his body. When the lights flicked back on they were a tangle of sweat and limbs. She looked at him without the cover of darkness, and kissed him full on the mouth. If this was a dream, Ted never wanted to wake up.

Sophia eased herself off his cock and slipped her dress back on. “Thank you for taking care of me” she purred, and with that she left.