Oxford Circus Escorts

Ah Oxford Circus. From the Oxford Circus escorts to the shops that line it, this is where the consumer reigns supreme. You want it, you got it. Every type of product under the sun is here and waiting for you to come and pick it up. You can get rare liquors from the store in the alley, with rare delights such as honeyed rum and scorpion vodka in plentiful supply. You can get the very latest fashion from the biggest brands, or get clothes for astonishing prices from the chains. You can get the best cuisine in all of the world, the kind of dishes that will open your eyes to whole new cultures if you’re willing to take a chance on them or you can get the best of British in a burger bun.

The choice is what makes it such a tempting destination for many. It’s certainly the selling point of a successful Oxford Circus escort agency, after all, every guy wants to be able to take his pick of the very best beauties. Variety, as they say, is indeed the spice of life so why not indulge a little? Try something new and find yourself in a world of possibilities that few could have hoped for before they had set their eyes on our beauties. It might sound like we’re exaggerating but honestly, have you ever seen girls as beautiful as the ones in our galleries? Perhaps in a magazine or on the big screen but never in real life. Girls like that just don’t come along every day.

Unless you’re looking for an escort in Oxford Circus of course, in which case these sumptuous beauties are everywhere. The cream of the crop, the very best, the girls who will blow you away. That’s what V promises and honestly, we’re being a bit modest. If you could hear some of the compliments paid to our girls by happy punters, you would be amazed. You wouldn’t even be reading this because your mind would be made up and you would be off looking for hot babes and calling us this very instant. You can deny it but you know it’s true, after all that’s why you’re here. Don’t be coy with us, we understand. The lure of an escort in Oxford Circus is a huge one, and one that few men can really resist. Those that can are often the ones who don’t know how to enjoy life and let go, the kinds of men that simply can’t be pleased. Oh we all know one like that, and we know that he will be set in his ways forever. Few of us care really: the more like that, the more babes are around for us and the less time we’ll have to wait for a booking. It really is their loss, so we’re not complaining.

Of course, Oxford Street isn’t loved by all. For Londoners, it’s a bit of a poisoned chalice asit may appear amazing at first but it certainly comes with its own set of drawbacks. The teeming crowds and the incredible waits certainly don’t help. No one thinks that they’ll pop off to OC for a  little bit to get some things. No, it has to be an event and you have to be prepared for huge waits and endless rows of people getting in your way. Yes, you can enjoy an Oxford Circus escort afterwards but it’s still hard work. Many choose to shop locally instead and we can’t really blame them. In the busiest hours the place really is a nightmare and best avoided. Our advice is to go in the morning, then when lunch hits head to an Oxford Street escort to avoid the rush. Emerge, buzzing with energy, at mid afternoon and enjoy the time and the space. Head off just before rush hour and you can feel a little smug: after all, you’ve not only seen an Oxford Street escort but you’ve also beaten the crowds and the rush to ensure yourself the very best of London. That’s what we’re all about really: the best of the capital with none of the hassle.

Sound interesting? Well give us a ring and find out a little more, we might surprise you…