Oxford Street

Oxford Street is a very well known road in the West End of London, renowned for its array of high street shops and large department stores, it boasts to be a wonderful attraction for tourists and indeed, an ideal shopping haven for London’s most beautiful london escorts.

With over 300 shops, it runs approximately a mile and a half from Marble Arch until it reaches Tottenham Court Road. Oxford Street has a wonderful history – Between the twelfth century and 1782, the road was known as Tyburn Road and was a poular route for prisoners to be taken on their final journey from Newgate Prison to the gallows at Tyburn. By 1782, the road became known as Oxford Street and keeps it’s name today.

In the late 18th century, the area was developed and many of the fields were purchased by the Earl of Oxford. It became popular with entertainment buildings such as the pantheon which would be filled with masquerades and tiger baiters.

During the 19th century it became known for its shops, much as it is today.

To visit Oxford Street is a great experience, its fine array of bars, shops and cafe’s offer a day of leisure activities and a night of fun, partying with celebrities. As it is such a popular street, it is a great place to meet London’s finest escorts and enjoy a real London night out!

If you have the luxury of visiting London over the festive period, you will find Oxford Street to be lit up from late November until January 6th.

The use of Christmas lights began in 1959, five years after neighbouring Regent Street began their annual Christmas Lights. The Oxford Street Christmas lights were stopped in 1967 as recession hit London, in 1978 the lights started up again and a laser display was organised. The lights are annually switched onby celebrities, Bob Geldoff, Zoe Ball, Peter Andre just to name a few. This occasion is a wonderful opportunity to meet with an escort, have a bite to eat, perhaps watch the display and if you are fortunate enough, stroll back through the beautifully lit up street to your Oxford Street hotel where you can have a more intimate time with your chosen lady.