Please Look After This Man

Please look after this man would be a horribly cliched way to open this page, so we’ll avoid it. It’s undeniably what people think of though, which to us is a bit of a problem. People forget that the bear was named after the huge railway station that he was found in and not the other way around. What this means, sadly, is that many end up misconstruing what the location is like and what its importance to the city of London really is. It’s not some fictional middle class suburb, or a place where a literary figure used to live: it’s a transport hub.

The unfortunate side effect of the children’s stories is that few people realise what an adult area it really is. You only need to look at the list of attractions and features that the area possesses to realise this. For a start, there’s the Paddington Escorts, ladies that are utterly beautiful and beguiling. They’re often the kind of babes that any man would happily throw his entire wallet away for. There are few ladies this enchanting in all of the city, especially when it comes to social occasions. Experienced in the conversational arts, these babes will bat their eyelashes and have the entire room on their knees. They’ll make a small remark and everyone nearby will be blown away by just how insightful and witty they can be. “Brains as well as beauty!” is often exclaimed, and jealous looks cast at the men who bought them to the gathering.

They’re not the only grown up thing around here though, even if they do fit into all the others in some way or another. The gardens and squares in the area are renowned for being particularly peaceful and for being the kinds of places where a man can relax from the stresses of the world. Particularly well suited to those who take on a lot because of work, these leafy avenues often witness the best of the best walking home on a daily basis, taking in the blossoming trees as they escape from their long days. Of course, there are few better ways to get away from it all than with one of the gorgeous escorts in Paddington. After all these ladies understand exactly what a man wants, and a good massage after a hard day at the office is often what the doctor called for. Anyone that denies that must be made of steel!

Many of those living here can really appreciate that, hence why the babes are so often found together with their clients relaxing in the early evening sun. 5 minutes from the city’s greatest park, this location is ideal for those who simply feel like the world of concrete and glass that they work in is a bit too much. A few minutes with a fine babe in the fresh air with a glass of fine is all it takes to help them recuperate though!

The station itself is also a very adult place. It’s full of those travelling in and out of the city, of men rushing to early appointments and away on important business. At peak hours, the whole place throbs with an intense energy and a large amount of stress. It’s easy to underestimate just how much stress a commute into a place as busy as this can. Many of those that come here are desperate for a release but don’t know where they can find it. They drink their overpriced coffee and scowl, waiting to be whisked home and get away from it all. Never for a moment do they consider that the wait could be so much better with a woman by their side.

Think about it. You have a train to catch in 2 hours time. You don’t have anything to do because you meeting ended early. You can sit there and eat fast food, worrying about the results of your important business or you can… You can what? For most, there seems to be no alternative, so it’s understandable to see so many looking and acting as if being there is the end of the world. In reality though, there is a choice. All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us. Once you do that, we can have one of the best Paddington escorts London has to offer winging her way to you in no time. The two of you can share the experience together, perhaps in one of the hotel bars next to the station, and in no time at all it will be time to leave. Hell, you might even look forward to coming here in the future, if this is the reward for your considerable patience. We know plenty of fellas that seem to emerge from their daily commute with a big smile anyway!

<h2>Go For It!</h2>

So, we’ve talked you into it. You’ve heard what we have to say and it tempts you. More than just that, it makes you want to do it. You know that you need to have these experiences in your life now, and you simply can’t go on without them. Like some box of mysteries, now it’s been opened there’s no closing it. Fair enough. We understand: once you learn about the best escorts in Paddington, you’re naturally going to want to see a lot more of them.

So browse our galleries. Find a babe you like. Enjoy it, take your time. There’s no rush, and you might spot a beauty that really makes you sit up and pay attention. There are plenty of them on the site after all! Once you’ve seen all that you can and you’ve made up your mind, pick up the phone. Our friendly receptionists will help you set everything up and in no time at all a lovely babe will have been booked for you. Our ladies are always punctual, so all you need to worry about is being there on time. If you can do that, she’ll do the rest. In no time at all, you’ll realise why our ladies are known as the best Paddington escorts London can offer.

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