What Does Her Underwear Say About Her?

We love women’s underwear. If the girl’s hot enough, she’ll look good in just about anything – but there are certain styles we prefer. Something that doesn’t remind you of your grandma is usually preferable! Here is what we think a woman’s underwear says about her. Of course there are always exceptions, but here’s a rough guide!

Thongs A woman has to have a great bum to look good in a thong. The main mistake that ladies make is by wearing a size too small, which cuts in and doesn’t look pleasant. But on a toned body, this is quite irresistible and makes us want to be that piece of fabric! Wearing a thong means that a woman is sexually confident, and not afraid to show off her body. It could also be for practical reasons, avoiding a VPL (Visible Panty Line). If she has an ornate g string poking out above her trousers, it’s deliberate. She wants you to be looking and is inviting you to make your move.

French Knickers A favourite of men and women, French knickers look good on just about any girl. They are flattering to all shapes and sizes. A woman who wears these is aware of her looks and wants to be seen as pretty and feminine; she might be less sexually confident than the thong wearing lass, but you can tell that this lady is classy and would look good on your arm. Some of our more innocent looking `escort girls <https://vlondonescorts.co.uk/escorts/gallery/todaygirls/1/>`_opt for these, but they have a hidden naughty side!

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Briefs Briefs are for sensible girls who choose practicality over appearance. She could be sexually inexperienced or a little shy, or it might be that she has no interest in fashion and is focused on her career. Briefs can look cute, but you may have to work a bit harder to bag this girl.

Granny Pants These are split into two types: there are big, ugly, grey pants that scream “Don’t come near me!”, and there are the large stomach-holding-in pants that women wear to look slimmer (aka Bridget Jones). The first has no interest in sex, or has such low self confidence that she doesn’t think she’ll ever get any. The latter would love to get laid, but didn’t think it was a possibility today. Forgive her for this – she probably has a thong in her drawer at home!

Silk & Lace This is an indulgent lady who dresses for you and for herself. She likes the finer things in life, and will expect you to spoil her. A woman who wears silk and lace underwear understands the importance of image and is very aware of her own sexuality, though she may make you work for it.