Al Fresco Fun

Now is the time to be enjoying the great outdoors, getting up to as much al fresco fun as you can. The fine weather presents you with a whole host of opportunities, so it would be a waste not to take advantage of them! Our `brunette escorts <>`_love to get frisky outdoors, topping up their tans and enjoying the sunshine. Follow their lead!

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If you and your partner are adventurous types, you might be tempted by a bit of al fresco sex. Be careful about this though – if you get caught you could be charged with indecent exposure, which could result in 6 months in jail! However, if you’re completely alone, the mood just might take you…

Of course, spontaneous sex is great. But if you’re going to do it outside, a little preparation can take you a long way. There’s no point getting over amorous if you’re wearing tight jeans, and she’s wearing an all in one jump suit. What would work better is for her to wear a loose dress or skirt, perhaps with no underwear on for easy access. Wearing long coats can also disguise all manner of sins, so consider that too.

Sex outdoors might have to be a quickie to avoid the risk of getting caught (though the idea of it can still give you a thrill). It’s wise to take some lubricant with you because there won’t be much time for foreplay; a blanket to lay on the ground could also save you scratches or nettle stings! If you don’t have a blanket with you, perhaps opt for a standing up position against a wall or a tree. Be prepared for your clothes to get messed up a bit – this isn’t the time to be wearing your best suit!

Unfortunately, there aren’t many places in London that you can get away with this due to the large population and built up areas; it’s more of an adventure if you take a trip out to the countryside where you have the open air to yourselves. Use nature’s props to get some great positions; large rocks can be leaned on to do doggy style, or she can sit on it facing you while you lean over her. Railings and private balconies are also good to lean over. If you use your imagination, just taking a look around you will present a host of opportunities for al fresco fun!