Her Secret Fantasies

Do you ever wonder what sexy thoughts go through a girl’s mind? In this day and age, we know that women are very sexual beings with the same desires, lust and cravings as us. It’s no longer taboo for ladies to discuss their sex lives or to feel empowered in the bedroom – in fact, most men love this! We asked some of our Basildon escorts about their sexual fantasies, and this is what they divulged.

Girls like the idea of dominating and being dominated. Although some girls are more naturally inclined to one or the other depending on their nature, there are many women who want a bit of both. One night they might want to tie you down on the bed, sitting on your face and demanding that you bring them to orgasm, while the next night they might want you to take charge. She might want you to be a bit rough, throwing her down on the bed and taking her. Many are fans of a bit of hair pulling, scratching and biting, but always check it’s ok first. If she says ‘ow’, you’re doing it too hard! Even women who strongly believe in equality like to take a break from this and have some fun in the bedroom, completely succumbing to your manly ways.

Many women would never have the guts to march up to a sexy stranger in a bar or a club, take him out the back and have their wicked way with him. But it’s still a very popular female fantasy! Sex with a stranger is naughty, enticing and the idea of it makes them wet. But unfortunately, living in a society that frowns upon this kind of behaviour means that women can feel guilty for being brazen, so they tend to keep this fantasy in their head.

You might think that your girl is a bit shy, but chances are she has fantasised about being an exhibitionist. Maybe she wants to give you a naughty strip tease, or would love you to ravish her in a public place. She’d probably never do it in real life, but the thought of this really turns her on. Voyeurism is a common desire amongst women too; you might think that because men watch more porn, that women aren’t really into watching other people have sex. You would be wrong – ladies actually get very aroused seeing others at it. Whether it’s in a porn film, through the crack in a door or peeping in someone’s window, this will never fail to set her fantasies off.