Jobs You Fantasise About

Thanks to the porn industry and also sexy women in real life, there are certain careers that will always have a place in your mind for a dirty fantasy, even if the job itself is completely innocent. It’s quite rare that a tax assessor or a post office clerk will pop up in your dreams (unless you’ve seen a fit one in real life), but when it comes to a nurse or a secretary, just the thought of it can raise your body temperature!

Nurses often have to have physical contact with their patients, even your most private areas. We also have an innate desire for women to look after us and make a fuss, so this may be where the fantasy originally stemmed from. The dream differs slightly from reality; in real life, nurses can be old and unattractive – their dresses aren’t always as short or as low cut, and their touch isn’t always as tender as you’d hope! However, high street sex shops sell sexy little nurse outfits that are much more appealing! Whether you play the patient or the doctor, there’s a lot of fun to be had in that scenario.

Secretaries are often obliged to carry out any task asked of them by their boss; in your head, these tasks could be a lot more naughty than they are in real life! With a slightly see through white shirt, a tight pencil skirt and stern reading glasses, she can transform into a vixen right before your eyes. Perhaps you’d take her on the desk, or spank her with a ruler… the office is your play ground!

Teachers are also a popular fantasy amongst men; you might have had a crush on a teacher at school, or maybe a bit of discipline turns you on! We’re sure that if one of our escorts in outfits turned up at your door dressed up as a teacher, you’d be a very obedient student. She might even give you a gold star if you’re a good boy!

Massage often has erotic connotations due to it being such a sensual experience, all about the touch of skin on skin. It’s no wonder that a sexy masseuse is the fantasy of so many – and this is one that you can turn into a reality! Many of the girls at V London Escorts are trained in the art of erotic massage, as well as being absolutely stunning. If you make a booking now, it could be her hands on your skin.