The Joy of Foreplay

Sex has come a long way in the last century. Of course it has been around since the beginning of time – it’s kind of vital for procreation and the continuation of the human race… but it’s also a lot of fun. In the early half of the 20th century, talking about sex was very taboo and was not discussed in the media or in public. Women were often expected to be seen but not heard, and if they showed any signs of enjoying it they would be branded a brazen harlot! Today, men love a woman who knows what she wants; she has the right to enjoy sex just as much as men and isn’t afraid to express it.

Foreplay used to be considered just as a preparation for sex; it was necessary to warm women up and get them lubricated, but was often seen as a chore for men. Thank goodness that this attitude has evolved! Foreplay can be highly enjoyable for both men and women, heightening the excitement and anticipation, as well as making your climax even more mind blowing. The build up can be even better than the intercourse!

Foreplay includes things like kissing, cuddling, stroking, touching and undressing each other. It usually leads on to some kind of manual or oral stimulation, where things really heat up. You can either plan a slow build up, perhaps with an erotic massage or a striptease, or you can follow your animal instincts and do whatever you feel. Before having sex, you need to ensure that you’re hard and she’s wet, and that you’re both absolutely gagging for it. When neither of you can hold back any longer, that’s the time to give in and go all the way.

Each girl is different, so you need to learn which buttons to press. Don’t be afraid to ask her for guidance; our blond escorts are very confident with men and will happily point them in the right direction. Some love to be kissed on the neck, others like to have attention paid to their breasts. Foreplay is all about trial and error – something that one girl liked might not be popular with another girl, and vice versa. You should also let her know when something feels good to guide her in pleasing you, so don’t be shy; if you keep quiet, she won’t know if she’s doing it right!