The Power of the Tease

Our generation has had the importance of foreplay drilled into us. Women are now very aware of their own sexual pleasure, and we know that it can take them a bit longer than men to build up to a climax. However, you should never look at foreplay as a chore – sometimes it can be the best part! We’re going to explore the power of the tease, and how it can make sex 10 x better than you thought it would be.

Teasing is all about building up sexual tension and anticipation; the longer you make your partner wait, the more desperate they will be for it and the more intense their orgasm will become. This isn’t to be practised when you only have time for a quickie – it requires time and your full attention!

We asked some of our English escorts what kind of things they enjoy during foreplay. The answers were fairly unanimous, so read on and learn! When you first start things off, don’t go straight for the kill. Warm her up gently with small kisses and soft strokes on her skin. Instead of just kissing her lips, brush your lips across her neck and collar bone where it will feel extra sensitive. Kiss lightly across her face, then give her a hard kiss on the mouth before pulling away.

When you go to give her oral sex, make her wait for as long as you can before starting. Lick, stroke and kiss across her lower stomach and the inside of her thighs. Get gradually closer… by the time you get there she’ll be gagging for it!

The part that takes the most restraint from you is when it comes to penetration. Slide just an inch into her the first few times; you’ll both really want full penetration by this point, so you could even awaken her animal cravings making her grab you in frustration (in a good way). Read her body language; if she starts to get annoyed, you’re probably teasing her too much. You want to keep her right on the edge – desperately wanting you, but allowing you to take the lead.

The power of the tease is all about making her wait. Give her a little taste, then wait until she’s begging for more. When you feel her getting close to orgasm, stop and change – it will drive her crazy, but when you do finally let her climax it will blow her mind!