Breaks Around Britain

With everyone’s purse strings still firmly tightened, you might not have the spare cash to go abroad on holiday this year. However, the British Isles have loads of alternatives that are more appealing than having a caravan on the coast. Here are a few things that our escort girls have tried in the past and enjoyed immensely; see if any of these British holidays float your boat. It might even inspire you to whisk a beautiful £110 escort away for the weekend!

Bed & Breakfast in Brighton

Although some people are averse to tacky seaside towns that peaked in the the 1950s, Brighton has its own modern style and charm. Many of the Bed & Breakfast hotels along the sea front have very affordable rates, though you’re more likely to find a bargain if you go outside the peak season (June to August). The night life is lively and diverse; hot blonde escorts can be taken out to party at nightclubs, to dine in restaurants and have a drink in the many bars that saturate the area. During the daytime, if the pebble beach is not your style, you can take a walk through The Lanes; it’s a pretty network of small lanes lined with shops and boutiques – the perfect place to pick up a souvenir. For a more traditional seaside experience, go Brighton pier; the fairground isn’t just for kids, and the smell of fresh hot doughnuts will entice almost anyone! You’ll also find ice cream, candy floss and sticks of rock… we hope you have a sweet tooth!

A Scottish Castle

This might sound like a more expensive option, but grouping together with a few friends can make this an affordable luxury. Depending on your current situation, you could make it a singles holiday, a trip for couples or for families. It’s possible to find castles that rent out to tourists as accommodation, split into different ‘wings’ so you each have a private area to stay in. No bunk beds or shared bathroom to be had! If you choose an area that’s remote, it’s a great way to spend quality time with close friends. Imagine some good wine and an open fire, extensive grounds and beautiful views. This would be a tranquil and memorable choice of holiday.

A Country House in Wales

Wales is a lovely, picturesque country with miles of rolling green hills. If you’re looking for a relaxing break to de-stress, Wales could be the ideal option for you. Cardiff is a built up, lively city not unlike London, but you won’t need to look far to find the open countryside. There are lots of lodges, open houses and B&Bs scattered around these areas, mostly with very reasonable rates. A walk through the woods is a great way to spend an afternoon, and you might even encounter a few small waterfalls on your rambles. Round off the day with a traditional hot meal and a pint of beer by the fire; you’re sure to return feeling completely revitalised.