Cheap Getaways

Everyone needs to get away from it all sometimes. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to take a long holiday – some because their career requires them to stay in the UK, others because it’s too expensive. If the latter sounds like you and money’s a bit tight at the moment, don’t lose hope. There are some ways that you can have a get away without spending much money – you just need to use your incentive! Before you pack a bag and go tracking off half way around the world, try a short weekend break to see how your money saving skills get you by.

First of all, check all the last minute deals online. If you’re not fussy about where you go and at what time, you could get to somewhere in Europe and back for less than £100. Also, be easy going about your method of transport; a train or ferry might not be as fast as a plane, but it could save you a lot of money for a few extra hours. Think of this as part of your adventure too, you never know who you might meet along the way!

If a break abroad is not an option, get back to nature and go camping. It may not be glamorous, but some time in the countryside can be a refreshing break from the non stop city life. If you don’t have a tent and sleeping bag, ask around; a friend may be able to lend you one for free. If you’ve never been camping before, it’s a good idea to read up on it or get some advice from someone who’s been before. Check the rules of the area you’re going and pack whatever you need. If you choose a cheap method of transport like a bus then hike to your final destination, it could cost you a matter of pounds! With a break that cheap, you’ll even have enough money left over to hire a beautiful mature escort to greet you when you get home. You’ll have plenty of energy left over too from your relaxing weekend, so the two of you are bound to have a fun evening together.

Most of us pick up friends throughout our lives who either move away, or we move. Think about who might be willing to put you up for the weekend; do you know anyone in a city you’ve never visited, or in another country? With free food and accommodation, you’d only need to pay for your travel. Remember to take your friends a gift to say thank you for having you – a bottle of wine and flowers should go down a treat.