Christmas Holiday Hot-Spots

Planning on going away this festive season? Well, you’re not alone. It has been reported that a whopping 3.5 million people choose to jet abroad at Christmas in search for either sunnier skies or ski slopes. Popular sunshine destinations include the Canary Islands, Egypt and Dubai swapping warmer attire for a bottle of sunscreen. Many people, including Christmas escorts, still tend to stay at home, visiting relatives, family and friends, settling down for the traditional celebrations. Sick of turkey, mince pies and sherry – ditch it all for cocktails on a sunny beach. Don’t opt for a traditional Christmas, head to a sunnier setting and spend your holiday season abroad. If it’s not set in stone that we will definitely have a white Christmas then why not opt for something different? Yuletide holidays are spent differently across the world, so why not experience the different cultures of this holiday season? Perhaps you are a fan of the cold and snow at winter the you may want to fly to a colder climate to really get that Christmas spirit. Skiing holidays are particularly popular this time of year, with lots of people choosing to head to The Alps. Those that don’t want to travel too far may opt for a trip to France as it is very close for British fliers travelling from top London airports. Heathrow Airport escorts enjoy flying abroad at any time of year and are available to be your travel companion this festive season to whichever destination you prefer. If you are stuck for a choice of where to go on your seasonal holidays then have a little look at the list below to help you.

Frankfurt can offer you a Christmas crammed full of culture in this German city. Soak up the lifestyle and leisure options that are available here. Most famous for their world-class museums and cathedrals, there is plenty to explore here. Their markets, that the Europeans are particularly known for, are a hub for visiting tourists at Christmas. The grand stalls are decorated with elaborate decorations and are centralised around the large Christmas tree that lights up the surroundings of the Römerberg and Paulsplatz. Christmas most definitely feels alive here in Frankfurt whilst you sip mulled wine and nibble on some traditional gingerbread.

If it is Christmas markets and festivities that you are ideally looking for then a trip to Vienna may be right for you? Home to the oldest and most famous Christmas market in Europe, Christkindlmarkt has hosted in Vienna City for the last 700 years. The park, where it is set is adorned with fairy lights, illuminating the sky. Smells of cinnamon and roasted chestnuts fill the air with scents of Christmas that you and a V London escort would love. There is nothing more magical then spending the season in a place that fully appreciates the sentiment of this time of year.