How to Pack Light for Festivals

With the festival season upon us, backpacks are being crammed with everything you need to survive a weekend in the (almost) wilderness. Although you can buy necessities such as food and drink on site at most places, there are other essentials that you need to bring yourself. This is where you need to prioritise – you can’t carry too much on your person, so unless you’re driving to the camp site you need to learn to pack light.

Start with the biggest things that you need to take – namely a tent. Check it before you leave to make sure that you have enough tent pegs and that it’s not full of moth holes; if you party hard you may not be sleeping in it much, but with the changeable British weather you might need to shelter from the elements. You also need something to sleep on; at best take an air bed, compromise with a lilo and at the very least take a foam mat. The ground can be cold, hard and lumpy, so you don’t want this to ruin your experience.

Next, think about which clothes you need to take; a pair of waterproof shoes or boots is essential, and if these are your largest footwear you should wear them there to save packing space. Also take something waterproof, clean underwear and choose clothes that you don’t mind getting ruined. Most festivals end up being pretty muddy, rain or not!

As showers and toilets are limited (and often quite filthy) at outdoor festivals, you need to go prepared. Baby wipes are a popular choice for shower replacements, and deodorant is essential. Take your own loo rolls because there is guaranteed to be none provided after the first day. You can also invest in a small antibacterial hand gel to wash your hands.

This is one of the few times of year that our brunette escorts go make up free and opt for the natural look – the great thing is that they still look gorgeous! Things like make up are considered a luxury at festivals, so take as few beauty products as possible (a bit easier for men). You will need sun cream, and it’s wise to take a small first aid kit with plasters, antiseptic cream for cuts and some paracetamol.

Finally, leave your expensive things at home – tents are not very secure, so it’s a big risk to leave your ipod in there. Buy a disposable camera if you don’t want to risk losing your digital one, and rely on the live bands for your music!