Surviving Festivals

It’s finally summer, and this week the rain is softening the ground and stirring up the mud – just in time for you to take your thin, ropey tent along to a festival. The same thing happens every year; you’re all revved up to go to Glastonbury, V or Reading festival, or perhaps to a match at Wimbledon, then you end up cold, wet and smelling a bit like an old dog.

If you prepare yourself well enough, you can still have a brilliant time despite the changeable British weather. The most important advice we can give you is to take wellies. Chances are you’ll be wearing the same jeans for three days, and that won’t be any fun if they’re soaked up to the knees! You might not think they look very chic, but you’ll be glad in the long run when you successfully avoid getting trench foot. There are lots of designs available in high street stores, so get creative and rock the Wellington boot look.

The showers and toilet facilities are renowned for being filthy, so you may want to avoid them. You’re probably not too fussed about personal hygiene if you’re on a weekend away with the lads, but you never know when you’ll get lucky – a girl won’t want to come anywhere near you if you’re smelling awful! A good way to freshen up is by taking wet wipes; they’re useful for messy spillages too. Make sure you don’t forget anti-perspirant deodorant as well; you can buy handy travel size items from most pharmacies.

Watch out for suspect food while you’re away. Sure, it’s easy to pee in a bottle, but it will be a lot harder to avoid the toilet if you have an dodgy stomach from an undercooked hot dog. Make sure that any meat you eat isn’t pink inside – nobody wants to be known as “the dude with the runs” for the whole weekend!

Chances are you’ll be drinking throughout the daytimes, so try to pace yourself so you don’t pass out too soon. Speaking from personal experience, I once drank so much that I was unconscious by 8pm and missed all the good bands! The headliners tend to have evening slots, so remember to alternate between alcoholic and soft drinks to keep partying all through the night.

Festivals are an amazing experience, and usually you feel like you need a holiday to recover as soon as you get home! A great way to unwind is by spending a night in with a sexy London escort ; just relax with her, perhaps have a massage and a bottle of wine. You’ll be back to your old self in no time.