Travelling The World

Everybody gets this at some point in their lives. That desire to uproot, travel the world and see the sights. Explore the orient or get a taste of the outback, backpack around Europe or laze on a hot Caribbean beach. The question is, when do you take that daunting career break, and who do you go with?

If you’ve been to University, one of the most convenient times in your life to go travelling is straight after your degree. Financially, this can be a strain but it’s feisible if you have a post graduate job lined up upon your return. If you have gone into work straight from school, it’s best to either spend a few years establishing yourself at a company so that you have a job waiting when you get back, or to travel in between jobs with savings. If you are planning to leave your current line of work to pursue new options, now may be the perfect time. If you’re lucky enough to be self employed, the world is your oyster! Just ensure you can afford to take the time off and make any necessary arrangements to keep your business running.

Another circumstance that can affect your decision is the lady in your life. Single guys have the easiest, most hassle free chance to take an extended break. Depending on your own preference, you could either go it alone, take a close friend or travel with a group of mates. Lively, party areas like South America, Ibiza or the Canaries can be great to share with a group. If you do fancy a beautiful female companion to travel with, you could always book a London escort to share the experience with. If you have a girlfriend, you really only have two choices: go with her, or without! Many girls would get upset at you leaving for a longer length of time. It’s not necessarily a question of trust; women can genuinely miss your company and find the separation difficult. Men sometimes choose to travel with their partner – it can often strengthen the relationship to experience so many new things together. But beware of using travel as a ‘make or break’ option; travelling can be very stressful and you wouldn’t want to get to the other side of the world only to fall out and end up by yourself! Only consider going together if you’re in a long-term, committed relationship.

The most difficult case is if you’re married or living with a partner, and you don’t want to travel with her. This can cause arguments, and unless your partner is very understanding, they probably won’t be happy with you leaving for over a month. If you have children, you need to assess how much time is fair to spend away from them.

It’s never too late in your life to travel, but the whole process can be more simple if you decide to go before you settle down with a family. If you already have children, just count the years until they fly the nest and your freedom will be restored!