All in the Tease

Most men worry about two things when they’re in the bedroom: whether they will come too soon and whether they can make her come. These fears are perfectly natural, and if you think about this when you’re with a woman you can be assured that you’re not the only one. Many have confided in our London escorts that they worry about this all the time!

Many suggestions have been made on how to stop yourself climaxing too soon, mostly focusing on distracting yourself. This can be difficult when what she is doing feels so good, but if you take your mind somewhere else it can make you last longer. Some think about football, others try to name all the states in America or list what they need to buy at the supermarket this week. Be sure that you so this in your head and not out loud – your partner wouldn’t be very impressed if she knew that you weren’t concentrating on her!

You might remember the joke from the film ‘Austin Powers’, where he fends off his own arousal by imagining “the Queen Mother naked on a cold day”. To think of something unpleasant is actually a bad idea because it may cause you to lose your erection. You want sex to be an enjoyable experience, so don’t spoil it by thinking of horrible things that will put you off! If you’re still worried about how long you will last, increase your stamina by improving your fitness levels in general and practise holding back while you masturbate. Some men masturbate before a date because they are able to last longer the second time round, so this might also work for you.

Women usually take longer to warm up than men. Foreplay is very important – you can’t just go straight in. To make them reach orgasm, they have to be relaxed and they should become wet when they’re aroused. If she doesn’t get very wet naturally, use some lubricant to help things along. Start slowly by kissing, stroking and caressing her body before going down below, and then use your mouth or fingers to tease her. You don’t need to go straight in for the kill and try to make her climax immediately; enjoy the build up, and bring her close to the edge a few times before finally giving her what she wants. She’ll be begging for it by the time you give in!

The same works for you; the more times you feel yourself coming close but manage to hold back, the more intense your orgasm will be when you allow yourself to ejaculate. Teasing is a fun and useful part of love making, so embrace it!