Are You Well Endowed?

For many men, the size of their penis is very important. They want to have the biggest, longest, thickest member so that they can feel like the alpha male, the leader of the pack. Men you are well endowed can often be heard bragging about the size of their manhood, and others often exaggerate. If you have a small or average sized penis, you should not let it knock your confidence. You’re just as capable of satisfying a woman sexually!

Did you know that on average, a woman’s g spot is only 3 inches inside her vagina? That means if you have a penis that is 4 inches when erect, you can still hit it. Also, most women do not climax from penetration alone, regardless of the size of the penis. To make her orgasm, she usually needs clitoral stimulation too.

The national average of a man’s erect penis is 5 – 6 inches. Less than 5% of UK men are over 7.5 inches, so bear that in mind when your mates are all boasting about their 9 inches! It is impossible to judge how large a penis is when it is flaccid; some men are known as ‘show-ers’ which means that it may look larger, but does not grow as much when it becomes erect. Others are called ‘growers’, which means that they may look small but grow considerably when they become erect. Due to this, there is no point trying to compare yourself to other men in the sports showers.

You should never compare yourself to porn stars. These men are chosen either because they have an exceptionally large penis, or because they have the ability to last a long time and come on demand – this is a skill that few men possess in real life. To aspire to be like that is an unrealistic goal, just like women wanting to look like the airbrushed women in magazines. Our pretty London escorts are as close as you can get to those girls – real beauty!

Although you might think that all women believe ‘bigger is better’, this is not true. If a penis is bigger than 8 inches, it can be difficult to have sex in certain positions because it actually becomes painful for the woman. Deep penetration is not always possible, and it can also be more difficult to maintain an erection if a penis is too large. Those with more than 10 inches may get less sex in reality because it scares women off. Remember this the next time you’re lamenting your 5 inches!