Balding Gracefully?

For us men, baldness feels like a painful sign that we are getting old. Hair loss seems to be a direct indicator that the glory days are slipping away forever. We self-consciously reach for our hat in the morning, trying to ignore and cover the irritating symptoms. However, we need to remember that we are not alone!

Unfortunately, male pattern baldness is a common occurrence for men of all ages. As many as 25% of men will begin to have some hair thinning by the tender age of 20, and up to 75% of men will suffer with from baldness before they reach 60. The first signs of baldness are characterised by receding hair at the lateral sides of the forehead, and this receding hair is common in men as young as teenagers.

Apart from simply getting old, the causes of baldness vary considerably. The gene is hereditary, so if hair loss runs in your family, then sadly your chances of going bald are increased. Overall, there is a whopping 4 in 7 chance of getting the dreaded baldness gene. Another common factor is a stressful lifestyle, which can lead to an acceleration of hair loss.

With hair loss such a common occurrence in men, it’s not surprising that celebrities have been queuing up to have the latest treatment. The new and highly sought after hair transplant procedure involves removing individual hair follicles from one part of the body, and implanting them on top of the head. This cosmetic surgery doesn’t come cheap, with prices starting from £2,500. Some of the many famous men who have splashed out on this procedure include English actor and star of Cold Feet James Nesbitt, Mad Max star Mel Gibson, and Hollywood actor Jude Law.

A less pricey method of covering baldness is the good old fashioned ‘comb over’. However, this method is only viable when hair loss is small, as with severe baldness the comb over becomes obvious. Another option available to us men, is just to embrace our baldness. A shaved head can look really good (think Vin Diesel/Bruce Willis), and works wonders to conceal hair loss.

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