Can You Cure a Cold?

The common cold lives up to its name by being the most commonly spread virus in the United Kingdom. Because it’s transferred from one person to another so easily, it travels relentlessly through homes, schools and work places. On average, we get a cold 2 – 4 times every year. It can be passed on through sneezing, shaking hands, kissing or breathing on someone. It’s difficult to function normally without any human contact, so most people simply carry on with their lives and end up passing on the virus to someone else.

Usually a cold lasts around a week. Symptoms include a runny nose, a sore throat, sneezing, coughing and congestion. It’s the most common reason that people visit their doctor, but unfortunately there is no medicine prescribed. If your cold lasts for longer than 2 weeks you should see your GP, as it may be something more serious such as a chest or throat infection. These can be treated with antibiotics.

Because it’s not a serious illness, a cold is really more of an inconvenience than anything else. Nobody wants to sit next to the snivelling person on the bus, and it’s rather embarrassing to have a sneezing fit in the middle of a board meeting! London escorts are out of business while they have a cold because their job is all about interaction. The perfect companion does not usually come accompanied by a box of tissues!

Although there is no miracle cure, there are many things you can try to speed up your recovery or to prevent catching a cold in the first place. Much of it is common sense and healthy living; if you have a healthy lifestyle, your immune system will be stronger and more capable of fighting off viruses.

To avoid contracting the cold virus, make sure you regularly wash your hands with an antibacterial wash and disinfect surfaces in your home and work place. Avoid anyone who has the virus and try to avoid small enclosed spaces with many people in them.

If you already have a cold, make sure you drink plenty of liquid to keep your throat lubricated, but avoid coffee and alcohol (these have a dehydrating effect). Many opt for hot soup, which can benefit your body with the vapours released. You could try a proper steam over hot water to clear congestion; add eucalyptus oil to help you breathe more easily.

The most important thing is to get plenty of rest so that your body can recuperate. Try to stay home and ensure you have at least 8 hours sleep a night. If you continue pushing yourself, it will take much longer for you to be cured!