Combat Those Winter Blues

With all the snow and cold weather, it can be easy to get a bit gloomy. Grey skies and drizzle don’t exactly fill your heart with joy when you first open the curtains in the morning… for some it’s just a bit disheartening, but for others it’s more serious; Seasonal Affective Disorder (otherwise known as SAD) is more common than you’d think. In the UK, around 2 million people are affected, making the winter months especially difficult to get through.

Today, Monday 18th January, has been named as the most depressing day of the year – it’s even been called ‘Blue Monday’. All the excitement of Christmas and New Year has passed, we’re all back at work and the next holiday seems so far away that it’s painful to think about! Winter blues can zap your energy levels, make even the happiest people short tempered and mildly depressed. But rather than let it get you down, try these tips to cheer yourself up. Spring will be here before you know it!

Although exercise may be the last thing on your mind right now, push yourself to do just 30 minutes per day. It will release the happy hormones ‘endorphins’ and will eliminate that sluggish feeling. With higher energy levels and a more positive outlook, you’ll be urging everyone you know to join you in your morning run. Your diet will also contribute to how your body feels; if you succumb to stodgy foods with carbs and trans fats, you will feel groggy and depressed that you’re gaining weight. Maintain a healthy, balanced diet to stay on top form.

It can be tempting to draw the curtains and stay indoors all winter, but that deprives your body of vitamin D found in natural light. Step outside, breath in the fresh air and start feeling good about yourself. In more severe cases of SAD, light therapy can be used to alleviate the symptoms. It’s usually very successful and may help you feel more like your old self. An even better idea is to take a break from the gloomy UK and find some winter sun. This will give you something to be happy and excited about.

Over the festive period, it can be easy to drink more alcohol than usual. All the Christmas parties, New Year celebrations, cosy nights in… but what we need to remember is that alcohol is actually a depressant. If you are suffering from the winter blues, you should cut your alcohol intake to prevent it bringing your mood down even more.

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